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About Us

Moorecroft Systems, founded in 1998, is the culmination of decades of IT, business and IT services experience by our founders. Our business model and core values were established from the outset. We identified a need within the IT industry for providing Clients with IT consulting that meets the Client's challenges with a combination of professionalism, quality and a high degree of expertise.

The execution of our model is based on two primary steps: Hiring the best and continuous quality improvement.

Our field consulting staff is identified and hired according to stringent criteria: integrity; professionalism; a true consulting 'persona'; IT expertise measurement. Technical or functional expertise testing is easily measured, our expertise is in the selection of consulting staff that will fit within the Client's work environment and contribute to the cohesion of IT teams and groups, not detract.

Our business and engagement management are identified and hired according to their integrity, professionalism and deep understanding of the challenges that our Client company managers face on a daily basis. We believe that only once you have faced similar challenges, will you be able to provide a true solution for your Client.

We strive for continuous quality improvement both as a service provider and an employer. We measure our success by the amount of repeat business we gain as opposed to the number of quick sales that can be made.

Mission Statement

To always exceed expectations, sharply focus on the very best solution for our Clients, and continue building an organization that our Clients are excited to partner with and our Employees are proud to work for.

Core Values

Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism